Mal’s Story

“Meeting Debbie and a couple other ladies in the Tides program inspired me tremendously to keep pushing forward and that this was God’s plan for me.”

Hayley’s Story

“Recovery is not a destination. It is a choice of uncertainty and a lifelong process that is not only possible, but BEAUTIFUL and worth every difficult step along the way.”

Gaby’s Story

“The Tides program gave me hope and helped me to know that I was not alone. It gave me the courage to be the mother I dreamed that I could be.”

Ashley’s Story

“Looking back, I realize now that being pregnant and broken was exactly where I needed to be for Tides to help me change my life.”

Maleta’s Story

“I will never be able to repay this program for all its generosity and support, but I do know that I will forever be telling anyone who will listen about this wonderful place called “Tides”.”

Camie’s Story

“I have plenty I still want to accomplish and one thing this program taught me, was to continue setting realistic goals for myself and reaching them.”

Meagan’s Story

“I was given everything I needed to care for my daughter; a safe place to stay, diapers and clothes if needed, and emotional support.”

Beth’s Story

“I am proud to call myself a mother again and my children are proud to call me Mom.”

Krista’s Story

Thanks to the Tides program I have been a grateful addict in recovery for over 3 years now.